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George Crone, University of Southampton

O’Donovan Waste Disposal Ltd are currently participating in qualitative and quantitative research conducted by George Crone, University of Southampton Masters of Environmental Science student.

Our Managing Director, Jacqueline O’Donovan has supported George by mentoring him throughout his research. This included George analysing our carbon footprint and identifying elements of best practice which can be shared and circulated to other businesses which took part in the study and with the National Federation of Skip Waste and Transfer Operators.

George’s academic tutor, Professor Ian Williams, was keen to express his thanks and said ‘the University of Southampton’s Carbon Management Group is always keen to build links with industry; as such we are very thankful for the time and assistance O’Donovan Waste Management have given George over the course of his study’.

This study is the first to focus on the skip hire industry. It is our hope that George’s findings will help reduce the carbon footprint of the industry as a whole.

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Luke Clark joined O’Donovan Waste Disposal Ltd for his summer work experience.

Here is what Luke had to say about his time with us

“I have learnt a lot and this experience has been an eye opener for me. Before I came to O’Donovan’s, I thought anything that goes in a skip goes straight into the ground but now I know that almost everything is reused.

I have seen the whole process from start to finish: when the order comes in to when the skip arrives back at the waste station and where it is segregated into the different waste streams for recycling.

I was surprised to learn that less than 3% ends up in a landfill site. I have really enjoyed my time here.”