When waste is collected from a client, it is taken to one of our Material Recycling Facilities. (A materials recycling facility is a specialized plant that receives, separates and prepares materials for recycling.)

O’Donovan’s have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in being able to take your waste, separate it all out and recycle/re-use the maximum amount possible. The contents are weighed, tipped and sorted through using a combination of automatic equipment and hand sorting. After the items are sorted, they are separated – for example: Large items such as furniture, mattresses and carpets and oversized bits of wood, and metal are removed and sent to separate bins for recycling. Cardboard, metal, newspaper, wood etc. are then sent to their next destination for further processing. Construction waste like bricks and rubble (also called ‘ recycled aggregates’) are crushed using state of the art equipment and graded as per the WRAP quality protocol before going on to be reused in construction projects. All of our recycled materials are graded and come with quality certification.

While landfill has historically had a role to play in waste management, it is the last resort when it comes to the disposing of waste – as it is the least efficient at recovering materials and energy from the waste stream. It also has the greatest environmental impact. By demonstrating excellence in environmental practice across the sector – O’Donovan Waste Disposal now recycles 100% of all waste collected from its clients each month.